About Us

Fact HVAC was formed to counter what we call “Big AC” and bring customer service back into the industry. “Big AC” is not a specific company, it is a mentality. It is a way doing business that puts profits before people and sales before service. It has been a mentality in the HVAC industry for decades and is the root cause of the growing distrust in AC contractors. At Fact HVAC, we are working hard to change all of that.

With a combined 40+ years of experience, our Techs have the knowledge and skill set to diagnose any AC system issue quickly and honestly. We pay our Techs a living wage salary, not commissions.

Their bonuses only come from customer satisfaction and the quality of their work. By removing sales incentives, our Techs can focus on providing the best customer service possible while giving you piece of mind in knowing you are being treated fairly. It is one example of how we are innovating the HVAC industry.

Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our residential customers and commercial clients. To do that, we have to first earn your trust. We are confident that after just one time working with us, you will see the Fact HVAC difference. It’s what we mean when we say Get The Facts!


“We are going to transparently give you the facts.”

-Dan Cunningham

Co-Founder, Fact HVAC

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