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Fact #1: Techs, not Sales Rep

The FACT is when we come to your home we are looking for real solutions to help you maintain a comfortable home. This means that we are transparent in our pricing and our reccomendations for you and your family.

Fact #2 : We provide quality work without overcharging

Let’s face the FACTS here we all want great work but none of us want to be taken advantage of. Here is an example of a common repair for comparison.

Fact #3: Transparency

Here at FACT everything is upfront. For example we never make you look for coupons.
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Fact #1: Big AC is always looking to Sell

BIG AC when they arrive at your home are looking to SELL! Large companies pay commissions to their technicians. This means that you get whats best for the Technicians not whats best for you.

Fact #2; Big AC is guilty of Brand Abuse

Most Big AC groups know that they can charge a large amount for basic repairs, this is called brand abuse. FACT HVAC is here to protect you the valued customer.

Fact #3: Big AC hides the savings

Most Big AC companies offer saving opportunities to their customers. However they are buried in some obscure coupon on their website.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

When my ac stopped working I felt desperate. It was the middle of summer in AZ. I called FACT HVAC. They answered immediately and let me know when they would be able to come out. Terry fixed the problem. I was so impressed by the companies courtesy and professionalism. Toni B.


We recently bought a house that had an air condition problem. We went through three other companies and were given two different diagnoses, basically stating that the unit was fine and there was nothing they can do. A rep from FACT HVAC came out and took the time to dissect our unit and concluded that we had a bad compressor and a bad valve. After nearly a month of living with half working A/C we finally have a diagnoses and will be able to get it fixed. The rep was very professional and answered our questions and actually listened to what we had to say. I would recommend them to anyone needing A/C work. Jon B.



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