When air conditioning works efficiently, your indoor space remains comfortable. With proper maintenance, the system doesn’t consume a lot of energy and you hardly notice it is running. There are signs though, that your AC system is about to fail.

This post highlights some AC warning signs you should look out for. If you notice any of these signs, call to call an AC contractor for professional maintenance.

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Poor/Weak Airflow

In the middle of summer, you want peak performance from your air conditioning. The system is essential to make your living space habitable, and you can easily notice if there’s a problem because of weak air flow. If the system works efficiently, every part of your house should get sufficient air flow for added comfort.

When the air flow from the vents is weak, there’s most likely a problem with the compressor, or damaged/blocked duct-work. Your HVAC contractor has the right tools and skills to troubleshoot and diagnose your AC problem. With an early diagnosis, it’s easy to prevent further damage and make your home more comfortable.

Unusual AC Noises

Air conditioner manufacturers have invested heavily in the latest technology to make their products quitter. When your unit is in the best shape, you won’t even notice it. However, if you notice unusual sounds from the AC unit, it’s time to call your HVAC contractor for repairs.

From grinding to squealing noises, an AC system under strain sends you a warning sign that it’s about to fail. Such noises also highlight the risk of damage to other internal components in the system.

Foul Smell

If you notice bad odor in your house and you can’t identify the source, it’s highly likely that your air conditioning is faulty. The best AC systems improve indoor air quality (IAQ) by drawing in fresh air and removing the interior air.

Air inside your home has many pollutants from carbon monoxide, VOCs to biological pollutants. Such pollutants cause a foul smell inside the house. When the system isn’t effective, you notice bad odor, and this is a warning sign that you need professional inspection and repair.

Warm Air from the Ducts

The last thing you want in the hot season is an AC unit that blows hot air into your home. When this happens, turn off the system and call a HVAC technician for troubleshooting and repairs. Most likely the refrigerant has leaked, and the system needs repairs and recharging.

High Energy Bill

Heating and air conditioning systems account for the largest percentage of electricity you use at home. If the systems don’t work efficiently, the electricity bill shoots up. Schedule an appointment with a HVAC professional to check different components including condenser coils, air filters, duct-work or thermostat to confirm the problem.

Wrapping Up

Your air conditioner is essential for a comfortable home. When it fails, you need immediate repairs to keep your family safe and avoid high energy bills. In the case of these warning signs, call an AC contractor for professional repairs.

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