Terms & Conditions

STANDARD INCLUDED: Centrally ducted gas, electric, oil and gravity heating systems. Thermostats – Including All Types. Ductwork, modification of plenum when necessary to effect an eligible repair. Interior gas lines. Crane cost.Haul away/disposal fees. Items under manufacturer’s warranty. Items that fail due to normal wear and tear will be covered under this agreement.

EXCLUDED: Steam, hydronic or hot water heat systems Geothermal and water source systems. Coal or wood burning equipment, glycol systems, fireplaces, free-standing or portable heating units, fuel oil lines, fuel oil or propane gas storage tanks, flue venting, outside or underground piping and components for geothermal and/or water source systems, well pumps and well pump components for geothermal and/or water source systems, all components of zone controlled and energy management systems. Collapsed ductwork. Any action that results in a failure that is not normal wear and tear.


Monthly cost will be automatically withdrawn from credit / debit account provided by the customer unless cancelled by customer within thirty days written notice.

Customer agrees to give FACT HVAC thirty days notice prior to expiration or cancellation of credit debit account used for monthly withdrawals, and provide FACT HVAC with new account information.

Customer agrees two free tune–up visits are included with all plan levels. Members are not “pre–paying” for tune–up visits. Plan costs and payments are to receive all other benefits listed and account must be current with payments not in arrears to receive the free tune–up visits.

FACT HVAC will contact Members in order to schedule free maintenance visits.
Planned maintenance visits will be scheduled during normal business days/hours.
Guaranteed service on all breakdowns within 24 hours. For maintenance calls and or non break downs will be provided during normal weekday business hours.

FACT HVAC shall not be liable for loss, damage, injury or claims caused by a delay in service or repair, equipment malfunction, clogged drains water damage, component failure, equipment mounting hardware failure or any damages arising from a failure of the system, equipment, controls, accessories, power or water supply.

FACT HVAC’s ability to complete all plan features, benefits and tasks assume safe and reasonable accessibility to equipment, components and/or areas. FACT HVAC will not move furniture fixtures, or building components or complete tasks that put him, others, pets or property in jeopardy of potential harm of damage. Customer agrees to hold FACT HVAC harmless for tasks that cannot be completed.


On the first visit under the SERVICE PLAN FACT HVAC will install a leak detection agent preemptively. This installation is designed to alert FACT HVAC of any detectable leaks.

All refrigerants are covered. Due to the availability of R-22 FACT HVAC uses a substitute refrigerant known as 407c.


Service Schedule defined

  1. In the first year FACT HVAC will replace all run caps
  2. In the first year FACT HVAC will replace contactors
  3. Permanent split capacitor indoor blower motors FACT HVAC will replace every 5 years
  4. ECM Indoor blower motors FACT HVAC will replace as needed
  5. Every other year replace FACT HVAC will replace high voltage fuses
  6. Every Year FACT HVAC will perform an indoor and outdoor coil clean
  7. Drain clean outs every year
  8. Proactively add leak detection agent and seal *on all systems over 5 years
  9. Add new service valve caps as needed *must have gaskets

Terms & Conditions

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