With HVAC systems accounting for much of the electricity used in your home, regular maintenance will help cut energy waste and lower costs. Cleaning the condenser coil is an important HVAC maintenance task that helps keep your system running efficiently. This post examines the benefits of this maintenance task to guarantee optimal performance of your heating and cooling system.

Condenser Coils in Brief

To appreciate the need for clean condenser coil for your HVAC unit, consider what this component does. The condenser coil is in the outdoor unit of your HVAC system, and it aids in the release of heat from the house into the atmosphere.

The compressor in the outdoor unit pressurizes and heats the refrigerant which now enters the condenser coils. Here, the heat in the gas refrigerant is transferred to the air around the coils and into the atmosphere. As the refrigerant loses heat, it cools and turns into a liquid.

Why You Should Clean Your Condenser Coils

Condenser coils accumulate dirt and dust, and this affects the overall performance of the unit. Here are some reasons to clean the condenser coils regularly:

Costs Savings

A high performance air conditioner should keep your home cool and comfortable. This can only happen if the condenser coils perform optimally. When a layer of debris or grime covers the coil, it becomes harder for this component to work properly.

The unit has to work overtime to cool your home and this leads to a high electricity bill. Dirty condenser coils can’t release heat efficiently, and it’s a good reason to clean this HVAC part.

Increased Lifespan

HVAC products have a lifespan of at least 10-15 years, but if the system is inefficient, there’s a likelihood of accelerated wear and tear. Dirty condenser coils force your unit to work harder, and this puts a strain on internal components. When the refrigerant system wears out, your HVAC system suffers a shortened lifespan.

Avoid the Inconvenience of Breakdowns

The last thing you want is a malfunctioning air conditioner in the middle of summer. This can make your house uninhabitable and also poses a risk to your family. When you clean the condenser coils regularly, you reduce such breakdowns and protect your family’s well-being.

Enjoy Detailed Professional Inspection

By having your coil cleaned during seasonal maintenance, you will get a detailed assessment report on the health of the system and recommendations on any proactive repairs you may want to consider.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Dirty cooling coils have the right conditions for growth of biological contaminants such as fungi, mold, and bacteria. Such contaminants might eventually find their way indoors. Cleaning the condenser coils eliminates such conditions and keeps your family safe.

Wrapping Up

For the best performance from your HVAC unit, don’t overlook the state of the condenser coils. Cleaning the condenser coils saves you money in home cooling, increases the lifespan of your HVAC unit, and protects your family from possible illness.

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