Finding Arizona Podcast

In this edition of “In Good Company”, we interviewed Jose & Brittany Acevedo, the creators behind the Arizona-focused podcast, Finding Arizona. Check out our exclusive interview with Jose & Brittany below.

Fact HVAC: Hey, Brittany & Jose! Tell the folks at home a little bit about Finding Arizona. What are you all about?

Finding Arizona: We are a podcast by Arizona for Arizona about Arizona. We share the love of other’s passions through our mic.

Fact HVAC: Very cool. What would you say sets Finding Arizona apart from other podcasts out there?

Finding Arizona: We have the same mission and humble approach to each guest as we did the first. “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room“ is a quote we admire.

In Good Company | Finding Arizona Podcast


Fact HVAC: Love that. So, how did you initially get started with your podcast? Any aha moments?

Finding Arizona: Jose created the podcast in grad school. It was during a time where he was working as a screen printer and met tons of business owners. Each one had an interesting story to tell. After listening to podcasts himself Jose said, “I can do this.” 

Fact HVAC: FACT HVAC is passionate about transparency and customer-first service. What are some unique ways Finding Arizona puts it’s listenership first here in Arizona?

Finding Arizona: We are nothing without our guests. Each business owner, entrepreneur and creative has a story to tell and we put them first by letting them share it.

Fact HVAC: Totally agree with that! Tell us about an obstacle you’ve faced in your business or startup, and how did you overcome that challenge or pivot?

Finding Arizona: Some say we paint ourselves in a corner because we are just focused on Arizona. We are 200 plus episodes strong and still have connections to make and stories to tell. We meet new faces and love getting out of our comfort zone and zip code.

In Good Company | Finding Arizona Podcast


Fact HVAC: Can we please get “getting out of our comfort zone and zip code” on a tee-shirt? That’s such a good mantra to live and work by. Any other advice you might have for other podcasts or small businesses in Arizona?

Finding Arizona: Start now doing what you’ve always talked about doing. If not someone else will already start and you’ll miss your window of opportunity. If we put off starting the Finding Arizona Podcast until we had all the knowledge or even waited till people knew about podcasts we wouldn’t have the friends we have today or the lessons we have learned along the way.

Fact HVAC: That’s some great advice right there. Going back to content and your community, any particular aspirations for your listenership?

Finding Arizona: We will continue lending a mic to those who need to be heard and, in turn, our podcast will be a resource for those looking and learning for more about Arizona, business, and life.

Fact HVAC: That’s so cool. Okay, last question. How best can our community support you and your podcast?

Finding Arizona: Listen now, like, and subscribe! Share an episode that resonates with you, and come on our podcast and share your story. We have an open-door policy and we would love to have each and everyone on the Finding Arizona Podcast. Together we share why our state is so great!

In Good Company | Finding Arizona Podcast

Listen to Finding Arizona here, and be sure to check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more Arizona-focused content.

In Good Company | Finding Arizona Podcast

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