In Good Company | Mesa Farmers Market and Flea

In this edition of “In Good Company”, we interviewed Kelsey Strothers of Mesa Farmers Market & Flea. Check out our exclusive interview with Kelsey below.

Fact HVAC: Hey, Kelsey! Thanks for letting us interview you. Tell us a little about yourself and Mesa Farmers Market & Flea. 

Kelsey Strothers: My husband Jim Bob and I are residents of Downtown Mesa. We have a restaurant in the downtown area and are passionate about building community. We started Mesa Farmers Market and Flea in an effort to connect residents to fresh food sources and to offer a sales outlet to other small businesses.

Fact HVAC: Very cool! What would you say is Mesa Farmers Market & Flea’s specialty? What sets you apart? 

Kelsey Strothers: Small business development is a huge component of what we do. We have held workshops covering topics to help guide businesses starting off and share some of what we’ve learned in starting our own small businesses. We’ve also set up the market in a place that is central to the development of our downtown to help create a community hub, meeting place and to promote healthy lifestyle choices in the park setting.

In Good Company | Mesa Farmers Market and Flea

Fact HVAC: We love that! Related to building community, FACT HVAC is passionate about transparency and customer-first service. What are some unique ways Farmers Market & Flea puts community first here in Arizona?

Kelsey Strothers: Our weekly commitment to operating, including year-round over the summer to bring healthy options to the community regularly. This also gives our vendors the ability to keep revenue coming in, even while slower, over the off-peak summer months. Not all farmers markets run year-round.

Fact HVAC: That’s awesome! Okay, switching gears a bit, tell us about an obstacle you’ve faced in your business, and how did you overcome that challenge?

Kelsey Strothers: There are obstacles every week, it never really goes away as a small business owner. The biggest thing to remember is that obstacles are overcome one step at a time. The only way to eat a whole pizza is one bite at a time!

Fact HVAC: Totally get that. Any advice you might have for other small businesses in Arizona and beyond?

Kelsey Strothers: There are no failures, only opportunities to learn lessons, or what not to do. Every decision is an opportunity to build your education.

In Good Company | Mesa Farmers Market and Flea

Fact HVAC: Great insight, Kelsey! Any particular goals or aspirations for your community?

Kelsey Strothers: Our goals are to reach as many people as possible! To help as many people as possible, to create a great place for community to gather and connect.

Fact HVAC: Okay, last question! How best can our community support you and Mesa Farmers Market & Flea?

Kelsey Strothers: Support us by coming out and shopping! Most of our vendors have ways of pre-ordering as well to limit the time spent at the market during warmer months.

In Good Company | Mesa Farmers Market and Flea

Visit Mesa Farmers Market & Flea and be sure to check them out on Facebook and Instagram for more Arizona-focused content.

In Good Company | Mesa Farmers Market and Flea

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