Proactive repair and maintenance are mostly about remaining aware of the different components of the HVAC unit to spot problems before or as they develop.

I just had a seasonal maintenance done on my heating air conditioning system. They made some recommendations for part replacement. What should I do? So you had your heating and air conditioning system maintenance, and that’s awesome, and we get hit with some recommended part replacement. What should we do? Well really comes down to being proactive or reactive. For example think of it this way, if you replace your brakes when they start making a little bit of noise, it’s a cheap repair, right? It’s the same with your heating and air conditioning system. If we’re proactive and replace the minor components early then we can save a ton of money down the line and not have to worry about those huge expensive repairs in the middle of winter or the middle of summer. A minor component replaced today can help you avoid that massive $3,000 repair later. It comes down to trying to figure out am I being sold or am I really given the facts about my system? So it’s important that you have a report to reference to make those right decisions. And that’s the most important thing, making sure that you get the best bang for your buck at all times.

Proactive HVAC Repairs and Part Replacement

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