A Real Maintenance Plan

...backed by our

$0 Repair Cost Guarantee

Repairs you would pay for with Big AC:

Real Maintenance Plan 1

Blower Motor


Real Maintenance Plan 2

Outdoor Motor


Real Maintenance Plan 3

Run Cap


Real Maintenance Plan 4



Real Maintenance Plan 5



Real Maintenance Plan customers never pay for repair costs.

How many times has Big AC sold you a maintenance contract and then hit you with high cost repairs?

This is how Big AC rips you off:

1.  The maintenance contract they sold you is a glorified coupon book.

2.  They perform visual inspections JUST TO FIND REPAIRS TO CHARGE YOU FOR.

3.  You receive no actual maintenance, but you get to pay hundreds, if not thousands, for those repairs.

FACT: Our maintenance plan is a REAL Maintenance Plan

A FACT Maintenance Plan includes:
1. We deliver a REAL preventative, proactive Maintenance Plan
2. We perform hands on maintenance, including real part replacement at no additional charge.
3. If your unit breaks, we fix it at no cost to you. That’s our Zero Repair Cost Guarantee.

Real Maintenance Plan 6



Replace parts proactively and on a schedule


Save up to 15% on your energy use


Never forget to change your air filters again!

Real Maintenance Plan 7

No more repair costs ever!


No Salesman trying to upsell repairs


NO more surprises!

Real Maintenance Plan 8


That’s right, we make sure you are never hit with a large repair bill ever again!  We provide REAL maintenance on your system, so if it breaks down, we will repair it at no additional cost to you.

Have peace of mind this Summer!

Real Maintenance Plan 9

3 Year Plan

$50 per month

Real Service Plan

FACT Based Maintenance Plan with Proactive Part Replacement

No Additional Costs for Parts and Labor

Major repairs cost you nothing.

Real Maintenance Plan 10

10 Year Contract

$549 per year

Basic Service

2 annual inspections
including discount
‘coupon book’

Additional Costs for
Parts and Labor

Major repairs
cost you an additional $1,000+

When my ac stopped working I felt desperate. It was the middle of summer in AZ. I called FACT HVAC. They answered immediately and let me know when they would be able to come out. Terry fixed the problem. I was so impressed by the companies courtesy and professionalism. Toni B.


We recently bought a house that had an air condition problem. We went through three other companies and were given two different diagnoses, basically stating that the unit was fine and there was nothing they can do. A rep from FACT HVAC came out and took the time to dissect our unit and concluded that we had a bad compressor and a bad valve. After nearly a month of living with half working A/C we finally have a diagnoses and will be able to get it fixed. The rep was very professional and answered our questions and actually listened to what we had to say. I would recommend them to anyone needing A/C work. Jon B.


We have been using Terry for years because of his honesty, service and knowledge. Never worried about his pricing because it was always reasonable and fair.

Dan E.


Comfortable to deal with and felt his experience.

Tom M.


We have trusted and always been very satisfied with FACT. Paula M.


Have had an awesome experience with their work, timely, honest, and cost effective will definitely use them again. Adrian C.


FACT HVAC has been superior with not only taking care of our A/C and Heating needs but also in helping me to better understand and properly maintain our system. I recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable, trustworthy and affordable company. Alex R.


Real Maintenance Plan 11

Get a REAL Plan

For $50 per month, you can have peace of mind this Summer.  Make the switch to a REAL maintenance plan!

Real Maintenance Plan 12