Your HVAC system is the most important appliance in your home and there are simple things you can do yourself to help it run properly and extend its useful life.

Steps to maintain your HVAC System

1) Change your air filters. Clean air filters not only provide better quality air inside our homes but a dirty filter will restrict air flow. That air flow restriction will cause your HVAC system to work harder leading to premature failure in critical components. How often you change your air filters depends on where you live and if you have pets living inside. We all know how much hair and dander our furry friends can leave around our home and all that will get sucked into your HVAC system and trapped in the filter. So if you have multiple pets we would recommend changing your air filter once a month.

Same goes if you live in a dusty or humid climate. Dust from the outside will get inside and your air filters will do their job. With humidity you want to be careful for mold build up on the air filters. Again changing them every 30 days is the safest bet.

Another factor to consider is the type of flooring you have throughout your home. Hard floors, whether tile or wood, allow dust and hair to freely float around and will get pulled into your air filter. Carpeted flooring acts as a “filter” of sorts by trapping debris in its fibers that you can vacuum away before it gets into your HVAC system.

2) If you have a split system, meaning an air handler/furnace inside your home with the condensing unit sitting on the ground outside, be sure there is plenty of free space around the outside condenser. Don’t store items up against the cabinet because leaving space will allow your system to work efficiently and as intended.

3) Once or twice a year, give your outdoor condensing unit a spray down with the garden hose. Sitting outside, your condensing unit will collect all sorts of dirt and debris which will hamper its performance. A simple and gentle spray down with a standard garden hose will do the trick to clean away built up grime. Do not use a power washer! It’s not necessary and may damage your system

4) Have a reputable HVAC company look at your system in the spring and fall. Some companies call it “preventative maintenance” or a “tune-up”. Here at FACT HVAC we call it seasonal service. Whatever it is called, having your system checked before the summer and winter seasons is the best way to prevent a costly breakdown.

Simple Steps You Can Take To Maintain Your HVAC System

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