"Terry was great unlike 2-10 Home Warranty Service which took 4 weeks to get us our house back because of no air-conditioning. Thank God for cool weather I am cancelling my home warranty with 2-10 they are pathetic."

Denny Eckstein Avatar
Denny Eckstein

"Ruben was great! Very professional he was up front about everything very knowledgeable and had pricing and everything we needed to know for some fixes readily available. This was our first experience using this company and it was a good experience and we feel we got good service."

Wendy Adams Avatar
Wendy Adams

Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueRuben was very helpful and knowledgable and very courteous upon his arrival and service.

Ron Alfonso Avatar
Ron Alfonso

"He did an excellent job great customer service. Very thorough."

David Reed Avatar
David Reed

"Ruben had a challenge with our unit as when one conductor worked it shut off a pressure valve in the fan unit. He was patient systematic in his approach and ultimately successful. I can only say that if all of your employees are half as professional and technical you have a great crew!"

Geoff Tanham Avatar
Geoff Tanham

David did a great job! On time and efficient while explaining everything. Highly recommend FACT!

Billy Nichols Avatar
Billy Nichols

This company helped me get the FACTs on my AC repair for a unit that was only a year old. I was being ripped off by the company that installed my unit on the house I recently purchased. They wanted to charge me 450.00 to repair a unit that was under warranty! After speaking with Andrew I was able to make an informed rebuttal that knocked my bill down to just the service fee of 69.99! While they didint do the work on my unit this time they will be my go to when I'm out of warranty!

Calvin Hobbs Avatar
Calvin Hobbs

Our experience with Fact HVAC was amazing. These are probably the most professional people we've ever dealt with through 2-10. Great communicators arrived on time had the necessary parts with them repaired quickly and efficiently. I would absolutely recommend them!

Stephen Lester Avatar
Stephen Lester

Being a first time homeowner in the Valley I've found out that a good AC guy is worth his weight in gold. We had a parade of AC companies come look at our unit, and no one could really figure out why our temperature would raise 7-8 degrees during a hot summer day. One company came out twice and told us both times that we just needed to change our air filters. It seemed hopeless...But thankfully I finally got Terry out from Fact HVAC. From the moment he walked in the door I could tell he knew his stuff. After evaluating everything he found out that our biggest problem is insulation. Now that we've had the AC unit tuned up and more insulation placed in the attic our house doesn't heat up even on the hottest days.I tell everyone Terry is an AC savant. Give Fact HVAC a call if your AC isn't working and I bet he'll fix it!

Bjorn Melander Avatar
Bjorn Melander

I was recently quoted North of 10k on a unit from George Brazil, and I felt something was very wrong with that picture. I remembered hearing about Fact HVAC and how they were shaking up the industry. I called and got on the phone with Andrew, and not only was my quote for the same unit about 40% cheaper, I found that Fact's maintenance plan was far more comprehensive than what George Brazil was offering. Andrew was extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and for the first time ever, I felt confident I was working with a company that actually cared about the customer and not just the bottom line. If you need HVAC repair or replacement, this is the ONLY company you should use, and that is a FACT.

Scott Weber Avatar
Scott Weber

"Ruben was great. He identified problem as improper wiring and fixed it. Too bad last first American vendor was not quailed to wire motor resulting in new claim. So again I must pay for vendor incompetence!"

John Carlson Avatar
John Carlson

The service man (Ruben) was great and prompted and respectful. They are the servicing company for all my air conditioning needs.

daniel simpson Avatar
daniel simpson

I was able to schedule my next day appointment through their app at 7pm the night before. Terry came out as scheduled and he was very informative and did exactly what he explained to us that he would do."

Adam Metz Avatar
Adam Metz

Ruben was awesome. On time and very neat and complete

Jim Pfeil Avatar
Jim Pfeil

Trust. You can trust the FACT team to be honest, do excellent work, and they are competitively priced. I use them rather than use my home warranty because of the level of confidence I have in their company. What more do you want from HVAC services in Arizona other than excellent work from trained professionals at a fair price! FACT deserves your business.

Charles Swindle Avatar
Charles Swindle